We’re pretty sure then that when he offered up his wife Cindy, who has graced Vogue this year and other magazines as one of the country’s most beautiful women, to compete in the rally’s Miss Buffalo Chip contest, that well, he didn’t entirely get — as an ESPN writer suggests — that the contestants sometimes wind up topless, walk about in thongs (Shocking!) or are otherwise scantily clothed. (Oh! Debauchery!)

Or maybe he did and was just having a little fun.

“I told her with a little luck that she could be the only woman to serve as First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip,” Mr. McCain told the crowd, as his wife waved to them. (To laughter from the audience, we might add.)


For Mr. and Mrs. McCain, it was just one campaign stop — and a very short one — during a long long year or more. We’re inclined to go along with Senator McCain’s joshing, and have the sense that this was all in good fun. But the McCain clip is another example of how a throw-away line at a campaign pit-stop can live on and on online.

imageGood for you!


So, not only is John McCain not responsible for his campaign (those pesky advisers and all), he should also be exempted from responsibility for offering up his wife in a glorified public sex show because campaigning is really hard.

If John McCain stabbed a Girl Scout in the face, at least the Washington Post would be able to publish its long-awaited series, "How Little Girls Are Magnets For Knives".


UPDATE: As an addendum, candidates pay people to know things like what the Buffalo Chip contest is. They're called an "advance team".