imageJohn McCain's aides feel as if they've been "underusing" the POW card. It figures that the person doing the most to demean and marginalize McCain's military is McCain himself.

You really have to wonder if McCain spent most of his post-Vietnam, pre-divorce time making himself out to be the Uber Nice Guy. Every time he got turned down by someone who wouldn't let the fact that he was a POW overshadow the fact that he was cheating, did he wander back home, grousing about how women didn't want a great POW like him, but instead those asshole pretty boys with the scratches and the medals like John Kerry?

One would think that McCain would take every imaginable step to avoid the trivialization of his time in the military and, in fact, be (somewhat justifiably) oversensitive to it. The Vietnamese tortured the shit out of him for five and a half years, it's worthy of more respect than telling the server at Olive Garden that even though you only tipped them $3 on a $40 bill, you didn't tip the guy who brought you mushy rice for 66 months a dime, so they should be happy.