I'm about to head out the door for my first real day of law school orientation, but I just felt the need to remark that this may be the worst bit of non-Myspace writing the internet has seen in months. Brutally tortured metaphors, horrifically constructed sentences, the prospect of a rain-soaked checkers-playing celebrity-king...

I tried to find an image to fit this post, but "confused pile of shit", while evocative as a phrase, doesn't pull up what I need on Google.

ADDENDUM: This is entirely unrelated to the above, but the talking heads have been periodically lamenting that they got played by the McCain camp on their Clinton ads which, uh, aren't being aired anywhere. It's rare that they actually acknowledge this, but reporters get played like this constantly. Republicans are masters of running an ad once during the 6 PM news in St. Louis and using that as a pretense to get media to cover it.

I understand that the last thing you want to do as a news channel is be the last to cover the breaking news that Candidate A doesn't think Candidate B should be elected, but have any of them ever thought of actually doing some reporting and figuring out if/when an ad is being aired before giving it hours of screen time?