imageJoe Lieberman will speak at the Republican convention on Monday night, along with Bush, Cheney, Laura Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Besides Vice Presidential Nominee Mittens, who's speaking the other three nights? Rudy? Fred Thompson? Someone who's held elective office in this half of the decade?

It's one of the most critically undercovered stories about John McCain's Republican Party - between the indicted people, the ones whose seats are in trouble, the ones who don't want to be around Republicans, the ones who don't like John McCain and the ones who just don't handle crowds well, it's going to be a Labor Day of losers followed by three days of country music and occasionally snide speechifying. It should be interesting to see what happens - when McCain takes the reigns of the most dysfunctional iteration of the GOP since Watergate, all their problems become his.

Unless he mavericks his way out of it by having a roll call of all the Republicans who refused to show up or participate (which pretty much includes all of them not on his Veep list at some point).