Here are the words of a man who knows where all the bodies are buried in this corrupt, amoral administration. Obama need not take the advice of former White House professional liar spokesperson. Investigate all of them and throw these criminals in the pokey.

[W]hen asked what advice he would give to a President Barack Obama or Democratic Congress on the matter of handling former Bush officials, McClellan speaks now of the perils of probing the past.

“If Obama were to win,” he said last week, “that would be an issue his administration would have to face early ... because he’s pledging to be a uniter, not a divider — without saying those exact words we campaigned on in 2000. He’s pledging to change the way Washington works, and if Congress were to pursue that, it would be very divisive.”

It's not divisive to get to the bottom of the lies and illegal acts that this administration has perpetrated on this country, aided and abetted by the GOP-run lapdog Congress for so long.

Is there a need for a tiny violin?