imageBetween shoving Bush into speaking on Labor Day, Cheney not showing up, indicted Senators not showing up, and several sitting Senators not showing up, who exactly is going to be at the Republican National Convention to nominate McCain?

It does strike me as a particularly useful way to separate McCain from the Republican Party - ensuring that none of them are there. Perhaps he'll accept in the town-hall style meeting he apparently adores so, among him and 75 of his dearest friends all sitting in an 18,000 seat arena.

It's a particularly interesting dynamic - between the convicts, the soon-to-be-convicts, the extremists, the unpopular crowd, the people McCain's pissed off, the fact that they're in an Obama-friendly state and McCain's persistent inability to draw a crowd, could McCain be the first major party nominee in American history to accept his party's nomination to a round of polite clapping followed by an overloud "My fucking Blackberry's broken!" ringing through the dome?