I was behind on my blog reading, but I was stoked to see that Shark-Fu was on NPR's "Tell Me More" debating, of all people, Darragh Murphy. Shark-Fu has a post breaking down what happened, and let's just say it was bizarre and that her take on it was perfect. Shark didn't know about Murphy's single campaign donation to McCain in 2000---a donation that calls into question whether or not she is a loyal Democrat as stated---and explains that Murphy's cover story is a little bizarre.

A bitch has listened to Ms. Murphy’s…umm, explanation…of how her donation ended up in Senator McCain’s coffers in 2000 and I don’t follow the logic of a self-identified Democrat donating to McCain in an effort to keep then Governor Scooter B. (President Bush to the uninitiated) from winning to Republican nomination ‘cause she thought that would help Al Gore.

I’m not saying girlfriend is lying...I don’t know her or her life…but that shit doesn’t make a lick of sense.

I mean, if you follow that logic and apply it to the here and now then Murphy would be supporting Senator Clinton in an effort to unseat Senator Obama so that Senator McCain will get elected.

Most of the focus on the post I wrote---as evidenced by the NPR mention---was on the donation. But I think it's equally important to remember that Murphy started the PUMA PAC the day that it was unofficially announced that the Clinton campaign was kaput. Which means that the mission of the PAC---to support Clinton's run---was a lie. Why support a candidate that's out?

Well, one possible reason is that the candidate being supported is McCain. Not that I'd want to accuse a girlfriend of lying, either. It's entirely possible she has no idea what she's doing.