imageThe sequels are never as good as the originals.

The McCain campaign has released a sequel to Barack Obama: Antichrist Pimp, which, like any good B-movie, is just extra footage from another movie spliced into the first web ad.

Offhand, I had a veepstakes dream last night. Evan Bayh was the choice, then he ended up accidentally killing a guy in a fight the night before he was supposed to be announced. He hid the guy's body in Obama's downstairs coat closet, which led to your standard dark comedy hijinks and "guys of different races come together" buddy comedy. There were also some really unnecessary elements of Weekend at Bernie's tossed in there, with a twist of blackmail thriller from the amateur photographer who got shots of Obama toting around the corpse. Which, oddly enough, was played by a slumming Michael Caine.

UPDATE: Oh, this is bullshit.

A campaign official said that the decision to Go Rezko was Obama's. "He's opened the door to this," the official said.

The ad will be released to network news divisions in time for their broadcasts tonight.

Though McCain is widely perceived to to drawn first blood by attacking Obama's character, the official said that the difference between Obama's mocking McCain for his wealth and his shaky answer on the number of homes he owns was that McCain's charge "reflects an existential reality," where Obama's charges "attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits."

"John McCain got a wife! A wife, motherfucker! And she owns shit! This is crazy! This shit is crazy! TONY REZKO, BITCHES!"

- Dave Chappelle, campaign spokesperson

I enjoy the "existential reality" of Obama hating America vs. the entirely off limits discussion of which of the four to thirteen mansions that McCain's family owns are really his, as opposed to his wife's. It's good to see that the McCain campaign's response to the first punch he's caught is to go apeshit nuclear out of the gate. He may go Taxi Driver on us by the time this is said and done.