imageThere's apparently a new definition of "earning" that means "someone else doing the work and you getting the fruits when they die". Mitt Romney on the houses of McCain and Obama:

Former governor Mitt Romney, perhaps continuing his audition to be John McCain's running mate, attacked Barack Obama today for making an issue out of McCain's many homes.

Speaking to reporters at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, Romney said that while McCain deserved his houses because of the "hard work" of himself and his family, "Barack Obama got a special deal from a convicted felon."

"I think it was a strange thing for Barack Obama to seize upon," Romney said. "If homes is going to be the topic of discussion that Barack Obama is going to end up on the short end of that one."

The "special deal" was Obama paying full market price for his house and then paying full market price for a piece of adjoining land. As special deals go, it was about the worst special deal you can get, short of Tony Rezko also punching Obama in the balls and posting it on YouTube.

If anybody ever wonders why we press Democrats to go on the offensive more often, this is why. When Republicans are forced to defend themselves, they almost always just go on the attack again, which is a really bad thing to do when you aren't prepared. There's never an answer, an explanation, an anything except a reason that the person making the attack is a bad person. Obama, who wrote books that sold incredibly well and worked hard to get where he is today and in the house he and his wife own, had it all handed to him. McCain, meanwhile, married a woman whose money came from her father, worked hard for...well, for something. He was a POW, after all.