Confederate Yankee, nee Bob Owens, actually debunks an Obama rumor today.

Well, sort of. If you read the front page I linked to, he doesn't actually debunk or even address the titular smear (which, incidentally, is one that I'd never even heard of) - that Barack Obama never registered for Selective Service. He actually spends the front page discussing a series of other smears all of which, despite their total lack of veracity, reveal the Obama campaign and its supporters to be even worse than the smears would make them out to be.

Why? Because.

The second page actually debunks the smear, which was that Obama didn't register for Selective Service. Why or how this is even a smear I have no idea, but it does fit the general realm of suspicion that the central and critical flaw in Obama's character is a wholehearted disdain for proper paperwork from birth to present. Although we all thank the Confederate for tackling this smear that none of us knew existed - or, honestly, cared - it did provoke Instapundit's involvement, causing us to revoke said thanks posthaste.

OBAMA'S DRAFT REGISTRATION: A Pajamas Media investigation puts to rest another rumor claiming Obama is ineligible for the presidency.

UPDATE: Doing the job the Legacy Media won't do. I think they don't want to investigate this stuff for fear of what they might find . . .

The problem isn't that the "Legacy Media" won't investigate Random Obama Smear #428 and prominently debunk it, the problem is that all this shit is so under the radar and wholly erroneous that there's nothing to write unless, like Confederate, you're really just interesting in promoting the smears. There's really no reason to write a two-page article confirming that Barack Obama completed a minor bureaucratic task in 1980 unless the goal is to raise yet more doubts about whether or not he actually did it. It's a smear so obscure (as are most of these) that using the perch of a major newspaper or news channel to point out that their false does more to promote them than quash them.

Although, I will return the favor and point out that John McCain was not, in fact, arrested for child abuse in 1993. Just to set the record straight.