imageDean Barnett wins the inaugural Barnett Award, given out for the most lavishly contrived way of arriving at a conservative talking point.

Barnett wins it for a nine-paragraph exegesis on Democratic class warfare against John McCain that comes back to (can you guess?):

If McCain spends a lot of money on his wardrobe, it doesn’t show. He may wear $550 loafers, but (and I say this respectfully), he still manages to look extremely frumpy. He doesn’t wind-surf or snow-board. Having been laid as low in his life as he was in Vietnam, McCain just doesn’t come across as the kind of rich guy who floats above the concerns of the ordinary citizen.

POW, motherfuckers!

The rest of it is an exercise in grossly missing the point. You can't attack rich people, because everyone wants to be rich! Of course, at this point, John McCain is Stupid Rich - he has no idea how rich he is, how much stuff he has, or where any of it is. He has so much stuff and is so far removed from the concept of need or, really, earning things that the rest of us hold dear. Most of us forget we have certain things - small purchases like DVDs or CDs, or even slightly larger purchases that you made once and simply forgot like a toaster oven or a piece of luggage. But at the point that a luxury home becomes like that fullscreen copy of Underworld: Evolution you picked up at a garage sale, you have a freakish level of detachment from how regular people live.