POW! Woman! POW! Woman! POWoman!

The Palin pick is interesting for the brutally patronizing simplicity of it all. She's serving the same purpose that Dick Cheney served in 2000 - a pick from nowhere whose only real purpose is to comfort the base that the person at the top of the ticket isn't going to totally fuck them ideologically.

You've probably read her copious problems elsewhere, and I won't rehash them - but the oddest part about the pick is that as a push towards Clinton supporters (which is what this is), it essentially assumes that the only reason Clinton drew support was because of the Grand American Vaginocracy. It doesn't matter that John McCain thinks his wife is a cunt, because he's got a babymaker on the ticket! This is John McCain's platform on women's issues. This is Obama's.

Even stepping outside of the women's issues perspective, Palin's main addition to the ticket is that likes guns, drilling and pretending she's a reformer while being a part of the most corrupt state Republican Party in the nation. She's Alaska's McCain, a mavericky maverick with a penchant for acting disturbingly like a member of the system she's bucking. Chances are, we won't talk about her much from here on in, because her main appeal is going to be pulling the anti-choicers who think that Obama's a genocidal maniac to begin with.

It's a joke pick for what's rapidly become a joke candidacy. But, to be fair, John McCain never got to pick a vice-POW. Especially not a woman.