imageAmazingly, the mile high Nuremberg Rally that Jonah Goldberg has been prophesying has yet to materialize. It just looks like a bunch of people watching speeches. I'm pretty sure that Hitler didn't preface his calls to Aryan action with five hours of Sheryl Crow and something called "Call to Invesco".

You never know, though - there's still time for Obama to declare Democratic jihad on Wal-Marts and those airbrushed eagles window overlays that go in the back of pickup trucks. That's fascism you can believe in. Seriously (my friends), I'm kind of disappointed. I was promised the sort of transformational crusade that would make me pants-shittingly conservative once I woke up to its true intent, and instead all I'm getting is a filler soundtrack that sounds like the upbeat side of The Perfect Wedding Dance Tracks, Vol. 3. I wants my totalitarian temptation, Obama!