imageIs there any nefarious scheme that George Soros isn't involved in? Besides, of course, the plank of Obama's platform to bring Scribble Jam to the White House lawn. That's pure Blackazoid, right there.

George Soros is funding Obama so that Obama will give money to George Soros initiatives validated by George Soros experts as evidenced by other George Soros groups which independently took over Western Illinois (or, as it's now known, Sorostia) and pay themselves in what will be known as Soros Bucks, backed by the full faith and credit of the giant vat of electrolytes which houses the semi-cybernetic brain of George Soros.

Were I backed by the neo-Soros think tank in charge of defending George Soros from virulent anti-Soros attacks, I'd lapse into a several-paragraph discussion of why Michelle Malkin hates Jews, because I assume that's what shadily funded think tanks do when prominent supporters are under attack. Since I'm not backed by that sweet Soros skrilla, I'm going to simply sit on my hands and think about what could have been.