imageDoes anyone know when Harry Reid, ineffectual Senate Majority Leader, became a "darling of the left"?

As the leader of Senate Democrats looking to expand their majority in November, Harry Reid has become a darling of the left, bashing President Bush, confabbing with liberal bloggers and relishing his role as a national target for conservative ad campaigns.

This is actually a pretty endemic phenomenon among media discussions of who the left loves. Excluding any and all liberals from discussing anything more important than Youtube videos tends to lead to random decisions of who the "left" adores, what the "left" believes and how the "left" will respond to things, driven mainly by what's mentioned on the front page of Daily Kos and/or what Wolf Blitzer stumbles on to while flirting with Jack Cafferty.

It virtually never happens with the right, largely because Tony Perkins and Pat Buchanan have camped out near the Slushie machine in back and can be suited up and on air within 75 seconds, no matter the topic or the show, because multimillionaire radical conservatives are closer to the mainstream of America than any Democrat who didn't work in the Clinton Administration. It was awfully awkward when that Lockdown special got taken over by a three-minute rant by Amanda Carpenter discussing the evils of socialized medicine, but it was awfully entertaining when she got tackled by the fine men of the Macon, GA Police Department.