I keep reading an undercurrent, both on blogs and in the press, that the longer Obama "makes us wait", the better the pick has to be.

It would probably seem like much shorter of a wait if the press wasn't making it 50% of the campaign coverage (the other half, of course, being how Obama is falling further and further less ahead, often by full percentage points for up to a day at a time). It's a great bit of transference, though: the people covering the campaign spend hours a day obsessively winnowing the VP candidates down to the same four to eight people they've been saying it was and nailing the day of announcement down to either today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or one of the convention days, and it's Obama's responsibility to stop them from having a three-part special on the linguistic patterns of denials on the part of the potential candidates.

What's of more concern to me is one of the latest Obama ads:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/7KYSeGl4bks&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

Perhaps I'm just being obtuse - I understand the general line of attack (Iraq was supposed to pay for itself, they have money, but we're still paying for shit and bankrupting ourselves), but it seems incredibly poorly delivered and unconnected to a hard-hitting critique. It's my biggest complaint about the Obama campaign so far - and, seemingly, every Democratic presidential campaign - there's no consistent "John McCain is X", X being something with electoral significance and a negative connotation that McCain is made to own.

Alas, he does have a book. A shitty, shitty book.