How not to successfully suck up for the veep position. With gas prices on the minds of most Americans, Mittster (or his handlers) didn't do any homework to tout McCain's wisdom and efforts on energy policy. Way to go!

WOLF BLITZER: Can you cite one legislative accomplishment that Senator McCain produced during those 26 years in Washington in order to achieve energy independence?

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Well, I’m not a historian that goes through all of the pieces of legislation John McCain has worked on.

Come on, man. That's feeble. But that he readily admits that he's not a historian...or a mayor... or a legislator...or a scientist...or an engineer either. Read all about it after the jump.

Romney on Sanctuary Cities: “I’m Not a Mayor.” Pressed by Neil Cavuto on his criticism of Giuliani running a sanctuary city, yet his own failure to act on Massachusetts’ numerous sanctuary cities, Romney responded, “But I’m not a mayor,” to which Cavuto replied, “You were a governor.” “Yeah,” agreed Romney, “and governors don't enforce the federal law.” [Your World With Neil Cavuto, Fox News, 9/13/07]

Romney on Immigration Proposal: “I’m No Legislator.” Speaking in Florida, Mitt Romney ducked out of elaborating on his immigration plan. "I'm not here to describe language in a piece of legislation," said Romney, speaking to reporters before headlining the Lincoln Day Dinner of the Polk County Republican Party. "I'm no legislator, at least currently, so I'm not going to give you a legislative language." [St. Petersburg Times, 5/25/07]

Romney on Torture: “I’m Not a Senator.” When asked if he disagreed with Sen. McCain’s proposal to prohibit “cruel, inhuman and degrading” interrogation techniques of terrorists in American custody,” Gov. Mitt Romney declined to offer an opinion. "I'm not a senator; [I] haven't looked at his act," he said. [Wall Street Journal, 12/31/05]

Romney on Global Warming: “I’m Not a Scientist.” During his tenure as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney said he had decided not to take sides on the debate about whether global warming exists or if was caused by human activity. "I'm not a scientist," he said. "I read one book over the summer that said, 'gee, global warming is happening for reasons unrelated to human participation,' and other reports, far more, indicate, 'no no, it's very much driven by humans.' Well, I don't know." [Boston Globe, 5/7/04]

Romney on the Big Dig Fiasco: “I’m Not an Engineer.” In the midst of an unfolding crisis with Massachusetts’ Big Dig project, Gov. Romney abandoned his post in the MA statehouse to travel to Iowa, insisting he could provide few solutions for the embattled highway project because he was neither an engineer nor a contractor. The Big Dig, “is going to take months to correct and I will be available whenever I need to be there,” said Romney. “It doesn't make a lot of sense to say home for several months -- I'm not an engineer. I'm not a contractor,” he concluded. [Associated Press, 7/29/06]

Romney on Federal Penalty for Abortion: “I’m Not a Supreme Court Justice.” In response to a question on what sort of federal punishments he’d advocate for women who underwent abortions - after the procedure is outlawed - Romney declined to offer a response, saying, “I’m not a Supreme Court Justice.” “I’m not planning on becoming a Supreme Court Justice,” he repeated. [Laconia NH “Ask Mitt Anything,” 5/29/07]

Romney on Bloomberg: “I’m Not a Political Pundit.” Asked by Wolf Blitzer as to whether an independent presidential run by NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg would greater harm the Democratic or Republican nominee, Romney replied, “You know, I think it's really hard to tell.” “You know, I'm not a political pundit that can assess where his vote would come from,” he continued. [The Situation Room, CNN, 12/31/07]

Romney on Sexual Orientation: “I’m Not a Psychologist.” In an interview with the National Journal, Mitt Romney insisted he would not discriminate against gays for their “personal decisions.” However, when pressed as to whether his use of the word ‘decision’ denoted that he thought homosexuality was a choice, Romney evaded the question, asserting, “I'm not a psychologist. I don't try and delve into the roots of differences between people.” [National Journal, 2/10/07]

On Hunting: “I’m Not a Big Game Hunter.” Trying to explain his hunting history, Romney said: “I'm not a big-game hunter. I've made that very clear. I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will. [Associated Press, 4/4/07]