Update: Sabotabby has a great list of rules for female bloggers who wish to get pats on the head from misogynist male bloggers.

Okay, so this is amusing. Some asshole scolds blogger PhysioProf for unladylike foul language, threatening to deprive Physio of a husband for behaving in such an unladylike manner. Jill points out the error in Tim Blair's reasoning, which is that the language Blair thinks is reserved for men and men alone was being used in this case by a man. Blair resorts to mining the comments to find commenters he's sure are women cursing to make his larger point, which is that a) that language isn't for the ladies and b) feminists are women who need to be spanked and then grounded for using words reserved for men.

Funny, but you know, the whole thing gave me some insight that should have been obvious, but wasn't until now. I'll admit, I was always confounded by the idea that women shouldn't curse, that certain words are reserved for male-only company. You'd think that was a fading idea, but the hostility that cursing female bloggers get demonstrates that a lot of people still hold that belief. It just never made sense to me, until reading this exchange---the taboo against women cursing is another instance of women being understood in our society as children, and children are a class restricted from the use of naughty words. Blair doesn't even try to hide that he thinks of women as children, using the childish descriptor "pottymouth" and fantasizing about how men as a group can punish the child-women by depriving them of treats, in this case a white wedding. It all makes sense now! In that worldview, getting married is for women like Santa is for children, a treat dangled over the head in exchange for good behavior.