With McCain hitting Barack Obama on comprehensive sex education, I thought this would be a perfect time to highlight one of the first 4 videos Marc and I are doing for RH Reality Check. This one is on the comprehensive sex education vs. what McCain/Palin prefer---abstinence-only. This one was fun, because Marc stepped out from behind the camera to play Clint Donovan, our angry conservative.

RH Reality Check: Abstinence-Only Vs. Comprehensive Sex Education from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

We didn't have the time to address sex education for very young kids and how it helps prevent molestation, but the other aspects are covered. I imagine this issue is going to be on everyone's radars in the near future (and again and again and again), so I hope this can be useful for you in breaking down the various arguments and counter-arguments.

I was happy to see yesterday's video get embedded at Video Sift, because it's a more controversial issue than sex education---contraception in the schools. The comments were great for such a controversial issue---a lot of people are really supportive of empowering school nurses to write pill prescriptions and hand out free condoms. I remember when this whole issue started heating up in the 90s, and it was like "fuck no" back then. But it's so obviously a smart idea that common sense is beginning to worm its way into people's minds.