Today on The Michelangelo Signorile Show Mike Rogers and Mike S. revealed yet another hypocrite within the ranks of the McCain campaign, his gay chief of staff Mark Buse.

Over the past month I’ve been contacted by three different individuals (two of them members of the Log Cabin Republicans) claiming that McCain’s Senate chief of state, Mark Buse, is gay. None of these individuals would be quoted by name, though each described Buse as being rather “open” to those around him and to his family – in a “glass closet” rather than deeply undercover or trying to appear heterosexual.

Then I was contacted in recent weeks by 46-year-old Brian Davis, an Arizona resident, who told me about his intimate relationship with Mark Buse (confirmed by his mother, as well as by a long-time friend), and who decided he needed to tell the truth about Buse, on the record, in light of John McCain’s dramatic shift to the ideological religious right in this election and his choice of Sarah Palin, starlet of the evangelical movement, as a running mate. (Repeated calls to Mark Buse's office and calls and email to McCain's communications office in the Senate regarding this story were unreturned. Mike Rogers, the blogger and activist who revealed the truth about Senator Larry Craig and others in politics, today reports this same reality about Mark Buse that I report here, with separate, independent sourcing.)

And Mike Rogers has the video of his delivery of the award to Buse's office; that's a bit later. What is newsworthy about Buse is that he has served as a lobbyist (McCain's swimming in them, huh?) and is socially out, but professionally closeted.
Within a year of Davis’s move to DC, he and Buse broke up, Davis explained, after Buse turned to him one morning in bed and said, “Brian, I’m not in love with you anymore.” Davis was heartbroken. He says Buse left him for another man –- the man he says Buse now lives with today. But Davis got over it in time, and remained in touch with Buse, having a friendly relationship, and checking in on the phone or seeing one another every few years. The video below is from 2000, on the weekend of The Millennium March on Washington for GLBT rights. Davis attended the march, though Buse, he says, did not, and would not do something that public. (In the video, Davis is holding the camera, in the mirror; Buse is the man who eventually hides behind a pillar). The last time Davis says he spoke with Buse was in 2003.

...What else does the reality of Mark Buse's life say about John McCain? Does he see his own chief of staff, someone he has known now for 20 years, as someone who should have no rights, no hate crimes protections, and no employment protection in the private sector? Does he see his own loyal chief of staff as someone who should be hounded by Christian conservatives, pressured to enter damaging “conversion” therapy programs, and made a target of violence that is inspired by the hate spewed by agents of intolerance?

There is so much more great reporting by Mike Signorile on this story. Please click over for the rest..

Next, Mike Rogers and the award presentation. Mike Rogers:

Mark Buse is not just a Chief of Staff for a homophobic United States Senator, but he is helping that Senator get elected to the White House.

Does Mark Buse fit the Barney Frank rule? Without a doubt. While McCain voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, he supports amending state constitutions defining marriage as between a man and a woman. McCain knows our country needs everyone who wants to serve in the military and he knows that DADT is wrong, yet he swings to the right on repealing it.

...The main source (I have since confirmed the story with two others and Mike Signorile has the ex-boyfriend on the record) talked to me about how he met Buse at a number of gay parties, including one at Buse's house. Parties at the Buse residence, according to the source, would sometime become sexual in nature as the evening went on. The source told me, Ironically, that Buse and his partner of over ten years had a sling hanging in, of all places, the closet. (And Buse's screenames on AIM? dupontpig2008 and dccouple2play!)

There's plenty more at Mike's pad. BTW, Mike Rogers has an action item. UPDATE: I've corrected it since it asks to call the AFA when it's really to Daddy D's lair:
Does the McCain campaign truly support LGBT Americans? Let's see when FOCUS ON THE FAMILY weighs in. TAKE ACTION and CALL FOCUS ON THE FAMILY and THANK THEM FOR SUPPORTING JOHN MCCAIN even though he has gay Americans in high places on his staff, including his Chief of Staff.

You can reach FOF at 1-800-A-FAMILY (1-800-232-6459)! Call and thank them today