imageAs any superhero reaches a certain saturation point of popularity and public acclaim, it behooves fans of said superhero to point to other, competing heroes and remark that their fans are sucky asswads who are totally undeserving of the basic mark of respect that would be owed to someone who wasn't totally in love with a crappy fuckface loser hero.

I do believe I had about seven* online iterations of this conversation when I was 14 and we'd just gotten the internet at my house. If it's good enough for Compuserve and Prodigy, it's good enough for Pandagon.

Our dear hero has reached the 50% level of support in both the Gallup and Rasmussen polls, the first time he's done so he was created in the mystical nubian labs of Oahu Harlem and began the legendary "Stomp Whitey" tour of 1992.

Fly, you Audacious Ace of the Airways! Fly! And John McCain sucks. Aquaman could kick his ass, seriously.