imageEzra points out that the constant mockery of Obama's time spent community organizing is a racial dogwhistle, which sounds about right. He spent time digging around in the surefire pool of racial resentment that is any group of black people larger than three that aren't wearing sports uniforms, meaning, of course, that he was avoiding Real Work and probably smoking his crack rock or working on his recipe for chitlins.

Although I'm not surprised, I am a bit impressed at how easy it is for Republicans to take anything and turn it into a mockable "other". It's not that community organizing is an incredibly common act which is so far removed from the act of governing that someone mentioning it gives you a reason to scratch your head and cock your eyebrow (like, say, your membership in the PTA). It's that it's an inherently alien and strange act that normal people just don't do, and is codeword for effete ghetto liberalism - a concept which probably didn't exist before right now, but seems as good as any to explain the way that Republicans are playing the culture card on Obama. Think Brewster's Millions, except that halfway through the film Richard Pryor collaborates with a balding ex-terrorist and a puffy-faced pastor who threaten the downfall of America until John Candy drops a bucket of water on their heads, then they sputter off and go slip on a banana peel.

I love director's cuts.