What happens when whining like a baby doesn't work? You whine even more, motherfucker.

I can't particularly blame the media here, the simple pack animals that they tend to act as. What McCain did was issue a challenge - he threw out someone virtually untouched by any investigative reporting whatsoever to potentially be next in line for the presidency, and then appeared to do the sort of vetting you'd do for your pottery teacher rather than the Vice President of the United States. Here's an example of the "tough" reporting that's bringing the McCain campaign to their simpering knees:

It's not so much that the media is asking really hard or terrible questions, it's that the campaign is too incompetent and disorganized to answer them. The unending stream of Palin bullshit keeps coming out because the woman's life is apparently built out of a series of ridiculous and terrible decisions culminating in her accepting the most sparsely attended acceptance speech since the last Constitution Party convention.

The reason that the McCain campaign is getting raked over the coals is that they made the dumbest decision possible in the worst way possible, and after 40 years of being able to convince everyone covering their party that to criticize Republicans was to criticize America, nobody's having it.

McCain/Palin '08: We Fucked Up. And A Palin Probably Did Steal Your Car, Sorry.