After reading that Michael Reagan believes Sarah Palin is the reincarnation of his father, former president Ronald Reagan, I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the asshattery that comes from the keyboard of faded action star-turned-WND-columnist Chuck Norris. He goes back a few more centuries -- McCain's running mate evokes Dolley Madison and Betsy Ross.

Forget the cheap talk about change – Palin is a proven reformer who can help us restore our country and rectify constitutional revisionism and apostasy throughout governing bodies. Sarah is a non-politically correct politician who's not afraid to go head-to-head against any establishment – and we need many more of those types of brazen characters to run corruption out of Washington. Sarah is small-town civil and Texas tough, with a southern elegance and an urban savvy. If McCain is a maverick, then there's no doubt that Sarah is (if you will) the maverette!

...Palin comes to Washington in the spirit of our Founding Mothers. I truly believe she represents an early-American patriotic spirit that lies sleeping among millions of Americans today and needs to be reawakened and replicated with the goal of winning back our country. Sarah is the type of politician who others need to mimic in committed civic service, character and integrity. She is the type of revolutionary who will help to wake up and revitalize America, and about whom I write in my new book released yesterday, Sept. 7, "Black Belt Patriotism" (Regnery publishing), "Today, we see women incredibly active in every arena of society. They are often wearing multiple hats, as mother, homemaker, professional, spiritual leader, and community leader. Many serve God, family and country with the same fervor as those valiant female patriots of yesteryear. Women like Abigail Adams, Margaret Corbin, 'Molly Pitcher,' Catherine Ferguson, Dolly Madison, Mercy Warren, Martha Washington, and Betsy Ross."

One of my readers asked the question -- " Isn't Norris the same dill weed that endorsed the Hucker?" And the answer is...

Yeah, here it is from Faux News,
Chuck Norris does not vote for president of the United States. He gives the voting machine a swift roundhouse kick and Mike Huckabee wins.

 But isn't this the same dill weed that said McCain is to OLD.

HOLLYWOOD tough guy Chuck Norris has put the boot into Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, saying he's just too old for the top job.

 Lookie there, it is the same guy.  Which one of them is losing their mind faster, McSame or Norris?