But in 1995, Ms. Palin, then a city councilwoman, told colleagues that she had noticed the book “Daddy’s Roommate” on the shelves and that it did not belong there, according to Ms. Chase and Mr. Stein. Ms. Chase read the book, which helps children understand homosexuality, and said it was inoffensive; she suggested that Ms. Palin read it.

“Sarah said she didn’t need to read that stuff,” Ms. Chase said. “It was disturbing that someone would be willing to remove a book from the library and she didn’t even read it.”

“I’m still proud of Sarah,” she added, “but she scares the bejeebers out of me.”

The New York Times writes an in-depth profile of Sarah Palin today, which reveals two key truths about her personality:

1.) She's a petty, vindictive, dishonest asshole.

2.) Everyone knows it.

What comes through in the piece is the clearest reason why judging a brand new governor is so hard. It's easy to ride in on a wave of political mojo and get a few big things done while everyone's still adjusting - it's much harder to continue the process of governing and keep the same aura around you. What stood out the most was her Bush-esque insistence on secrecy in blatant contradiction to Alaska's public records laws:

While Ms. Palin took office promising a more open government, her administration has battled to keep information secret. Her inner circle discussed the benefit of using private e-mail addresses. An assistant told her it appeared that such e-mail messages sent to a private address on a “personal device” like a Blackberry “would be confidential and not subject to subpoena.”

The governor’s office did not respond to questions on the topic.

Ms. Palin and aides use their private e-mail addresses for state business. On Feb. 7, Frank Bailey, a high-level aide, wrote to Ms. Palin’s state e-mail address to discuss appointments. Another aide fired back: “Frank, this is not the governor’s personal account.”

Mr. Bailey responded: “Whoops~!”

I've done public records work, and the above is simply offensive to any idea of transparency. It doesn't become any less the business of the people because you do it on a Yahoo account rather than an alaska.gov account - that's just stupid. The entire point of a public record is that the people have the right to know about the business of the government and how it's conducted, and it doesn't become not-government-business because it went through a private webserver. It's openly hostile to the concept of democracy, and sounds a wee bit like a certain Presidential adminstration we've come to know and abhor.

The entire article's a must read, but do so replacing "Palin" with "Bush" and see if it strikes you as a redux of the past eight years. Plus, there's something really disturbing about someone who keeps appointing their high school classmates to things - there's a level of corruption I think we'll all agree is indicative of a certain level of competence at the evil thing. Putting Wasilla High's Class of '82 in charge of a state is something out of a shitty dark comedy.

I leave you with this:

Another confidante of Ms. Palin’s is Ms. Frye, 27. She worked as a receptionist for State Senator Lyda Green before she joined Ms. Palin’s campaign for governor. Now Ms. Frye earns $68,664 as a special assistant to the governor. Her frequent interactions with Ms. Palin’s children have prompted some lawmakers to refer to her as “the babysitter,” a title that Ms. Frye disavows.

Like Mr. Bailey, she is an effusive cheerleader for her boss.

“YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” Ms. Frye typed in an e-mail message to Ms. Palin in March.

Okay, that movie wasn't just shitty. It was straight-to-DVD. Christ.