Republicans, who insisted that Sarah Palin, with her "executive experience" is ready on day one to step in as POTUS if McCain kicks it, are now actually saying she's not ready and is cramming up in Alaska to be able to answer questions from the press.

I have a hard time with the term "GOP strategist" when advice like this is supposed to represent smart thinking by experts. Todd Harris GOP strategist:

"If she goes out and makes a mistake, that is something that [voters will] care about, and that's something that will haunt [McCain] for awhile, so I think this is a smart move."

The Jed Report nails it:

This has got to be one of the craziest messaging decisions ever: Harris is conceding that Palin's not even ready to be a vice presidential candidate, let alone be president.

And in a development on the Troopergate scandal, McCain's peeps are now moving in to quash the probe into Palin's role. If you can't vet, the cover it up, right Mr. Straight Talk Express? (Newsweek):

Key Alaska allies of John McCain are trying to derail a politically charged investigation into Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of her public safety commissioner in order to prevent a so-called "October surprise" that would produce embarrassing information about the vice presidential candidate on the eve of the election.

In a move endorsed by the McCain campaign Friday, John Coghill, the GOP chairman of the state House Rules Committee, wrote a letter seeking a meeting of Alaska's bipartisan Legislative Council in order to remove the Democratic state senator in charge of the so-called "troopergate" investigation.

This is a nice reminder of the kind of change McCain wants to bring to Washington. No change.