Sarah Palin believes that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taxpayer-funded. They weren't.

Of course, it's the beauty of Republican communication - what she said still speaks to a truth, which is that bloobedy blah blah taxes. I'm tempted to write a whole long thing about how the general Republican approach to policy is to simply declare that they're going to do something they already did (and failed at) while simultaneously deriding Democrats for not proposing anything new.

Instead, I'm going to point out that Sarah Palin's first interview is coming up with Charlie Gibson - what are three questions you'd want to ask her?


1.) You apparently hate polar bears and wolves. Given that you're a Republican candidate on a presidential ticket, when was your or your family's last instance of gross animal abuse? We know it's there.

2.) How much does your hair cost to do, and how often do you get it done?

3.) Where's your Indonesian birth certificate?