...Let's just not do it.

The Washington Post "fact checks" four statements, one by each member of the presidential tickets during their convention speeches. And by "fact check", I mean "equivocate uncontrollably".

Sarah Palin lied about her "opposition" to the Bridge to Nowhere. John McCain got a basic fact about a world crisis wrong, and has repeatedly.

Barack Obama's programs are paid for by estimated savings, subject to tweaks and world events. Joe Biden said that McCain voted with Bush based on last year's figure rather than his lifetime figure, which is slightly smaller.

These are the equivalent statements - one ticket fundamentally misrepresents facts in order to create a false narrative about their joint candidacy, the other uses figures of verifiable factual origin that, if you use different figures, are potentially not the right ones if you're making an argument that you're probably not making.

Next up: how John McCain spent two years organizing his retreat community to get a Vanilla Coke fountain - was he a better community organizer than Obama?