imagePeriodically, when campaigns are feeling batshit insane, they pull out this "lipstick on a pig" thing.

Let's ignore the fact that it's a ridiculously common idiom. Let's ignore the fact that by the McCain camp's standard, he called both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney pigs. Let's even ignore that fact that Obama was explicitly talking about McCain's policies.

The standard that is now being set is that if any word or phrase is used to refer to any group of women (I'd assume this applies to any group of people as well, so long as the initial speaker is a member of said group), any use of said word of phrase in a negative comment by another party is therefore a biased attack on the group as a whole. This assumes one of two things:

1.) Members of that group, in this case women, lack the linguistic facility to use the depth and breadth of the language they speak, so that therefore any language they actually manage to use is uniquely attached to their tiny brains and stumbling speech.

2.) Members of that group do have the facility to use the language properly, but any time a particular word is used in relation to any role they play, it invariably adheres to the group as a whole.

Now, I'm a pretty prominent voice, and I'm black. Ergo, I have a reasonable expectation under the McCain/Palin standard that anything I say that applies to my race and is subsequently used by anyone else in an insulting fashion against me or any concern in which I am involved is therefore a racist and despicable statement.

Black people's three favorite words are "the", "and" and "of". And our favorite letter is "e". Try to fuck with me now. Just try.

SIDEBAR: Mike Huckabee attended the Lakeland Pig Fest in January. I'm assuming, given our current debate, that it's some sort of giant Girls Gone Wild style pit of debauchery and affordable cosmetics.