imageI'm watching a tape of a Sarah Palin speech right now, and realizing that the woman is the GOP's Manic Pixie Dream Governor. Literally, her entire stump speech is just wacky shit she's done that's supposed to get the dispirited base thinking about what could be, a woman who brings a variety of oh-so-charming experiences to help John McCain stop being such a sourpuss.

She sold a plane on eBay, sorta! She shoots moose! She had a Down's baby! She got rid of a bridge to some point, in a way! And she's interested in helping us become the country that we were always supposed to be. Everyone join together and "awwwww" with me.

Her entire appeal is personal energy, a whirlwind of offbeat Alaskisms designed to convince you that there's something deep and wonderful about her that you must get to know. It's a put-upon identity, given that most people in positions of relative power don't immediately introduce themselves to you by virtue of the things they shoot and the babies they have. It also says something about the sadsack state of the GOP - they need her to latch onto, to be their signpost in the wilderness of their own malaise.

Unfortunately, her MP3 player contains nothing but Grateful Dead songs remixed with Christian lyrics and a 30-second Matisyahu sample that came with the thing. They can't all be perfect.