And lo did she descend from the snowy peak, carrying the slaughtered moose as offal...

- Palin 3:29

Reading over the predictable outrage concerning Charlie Gibson's insistence that Sarah Palin show she was doing something besides firing anyone who stood in her way over the past decade, I ran upon this snippet at the end of the post:

Commenter MNgirl: “I just finished watching both ABC News and I was okay with it for the first 5 minutes but when Gibson looked down his little nose at her disapprovingly and said ‘Why don’t you tell me what you think the Bush doctrine is……’he lost me. This one is going to backfire on the media once again. He blew it, women hate being patronized and women watching that are only going to see him trying play “gotcha” with Palin and her fan club is going to grow. What a jerk. He gets a gift handed to him and the most he can do is patronize her and try to trick her. Idiot.”

There's a role that followers tend to play in any messianic movement - they so revere and idolize