Also the SEC. Which means that if you think the economy is bad now, wait until there's no regulation at all!

Oh yeah, and the FDA. I know you enjoyed being able to take a range of drugs from blood pressure medication to Viagra to antacids with the assurance that you aren't swallowing rat poison, but those days are over. And if you think the constant food recalls suck, well, they won't be happening anymore. But you better be willing to sandblast all your food before consumption.

By the way, all those labor protections you rely on to keep your life liveable won't have any enforcement behind them anymore. If you're thinking you can resolve your issues in court, well, federal laws, federal courts, federal budget.

Appreciate having your plane take off and land without crashing into another? Once we quit paying air traffic controllers, that minor luxury will disappear.

You could really go on all day. I'm sure the libertarians wanked all over the carpet to hear McCain's off-the-cuff anti-government remarks, but clearly they don't even think about how much they rely on a federal government.