Ahhhhhh...another endorsement from the man who "confronts the powers of darkness in the homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest in San Diego, California." He had a conniption when I reported on the surprise appearance during the Democratic National Convention at a luncheon for LGBT delegates. First, he declares that Michelle Obama is a radical homosexualist:

Less then 24 hours after she gleefully paraded her two small daughters onto the DNC stage to convince America of her conservative family credentials, Michelle Obama cast aside the garb of suburban mom and reverted back to the radicalized diva that leftist Democrats have come to idolize. Mrs. Obama rapidly departed from the role of wife and mother which she displayed the night before during her primetime DNC speech to tell a gathering of nearly 300 homosexual delegates to the Democratic National Convention, “We know what the world should look like.”

The gay-friendly Mrs. Obama told the enthralled gathering of Democrat homosexual activists that they must work to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. She also emphasized the need to legalize homosexuality and lesbianism in the United States military.

...Her push to repeal, both the Defense of Marriage Act and the ban on homosexuality and lesbianism in the military, indicates that Michelle Obama is suffering from some type of political schizophrenia.

In my post on his reaction to Michelle Obama's speech, I noted his outlandish tagline on his blog "This has been a 2008 Election Update from The James Hartline Report: Now Read Daily By Over 21,000 Concerned Citizens of Conviction!" It implies the man has a huge readership, I suppose that could be true if you define "read" as his report lands in someone's inbox and they then hit "delete." I guess my blog's on James's RSS feed reader, and the post got under his skin.

On a number of occasions -- those who do not deal with the reality of the real world outside of the self-imposed gutteral experiences of the gay ghetto make extremely faulty conclusions about the number of citizens who are involved with the James Hartline Report.

...The James Hartline Report is emailed to the largest email list in San Diego County, San Diego, California. The James Hartline Report is sent via email -- and the James Hartline Report has over 40,000 readers in its various databases. The email recepients are the powerbase of the James Hartline Report and are the reason that so much success has come to the various activities of James Hartline and the Christian Community of San Diego, California.

Articles from the James Hartline Report email service are occasionally published on the James Hartline Report Blog.

In conclusion, many homosexual and lesbian activists truly demonstrate that they cannot think outside of their small boxes. They assume that the referred number of readers to the James Hartline is a reference to blog traffic. We do not depend on blog readership for our successes or readership reliability. That is a faulty assumption on the part of the limited perspective of homosexual and lesbian activist minds. For example, note this little treasure from the twisted blog of the twisted lesbian sister Pam's House Blend:

"I'm wondering about the "Now Read Daily By Over 21,000 Concerned Citizens of Conviction!" bit. Is that accurate? And how many are Concerned Citizens of Conviction are agreeing with him, or against him. I have a feeling that if you removed the number of people that only go there as a link from blogs against him, or go there to pull articles and quotes to show how insane he is, then the number of people left who actually buy his drivel is rather small."

And this!

The critical comments of homosexual activists don't even remotely get under my skin. After successfully fighting a long term battle with AIDS, overcoming 30 years of homosexuality to become free from that sin, leaving behind a deadly drug addiction ten years ago and gaining liberty a decade ago from nineteen years of imprisonment, the comments of a few embittered lesbians is hardly a gnat on my radar of life's difficulties.