Her backdrop is the endless void of the soul. This is a good start.

Why do they keep using McCain's middle initial?

Did you know that McCain was in the military and supported the war in Iraq? Because I was confused. I thought he was a community organizer.

Unlike Barack Obama, Sarah Palin was born to human beings.

Even Newt Gingrich doesn't care.

If you could bottle and sell smarm, I think that Palin would be the world's richest person.

Palin just completely lied about Obama's legislative record. And attacked the columns that nobody in their right mind gave a shit about. This is a speech to Michelle Malkin's fucking comments section.

...And POW. There's a level of shittiness that few reach and even fewer strive for. Sarah Palin went sailing by that ten minutes ago. More POW!

What I learned from this speech: the middle of America is looking for someone who can take on the corruption and incompetence of the Bush years by blaming liberals for wanting to raise your taxes. It takes a maverick!

MCCAIN IS HERE! Would've been more special if CNN hadn't put up a chyron saying he was on his way 40 minutes ago. I think he just asked Headlicker Palin what her name was, but I'm not sure.

According to the cable newsers, this was a great speech that she "nailed". These people are apparently functionally incapable of rational thought.