Charlie Gibson will get the first crack at Palin; it's unclear whether it will be hard-hitting.

Other details show that Gibson and crew will have "extensive" and "repeated" access to Palin over a two day period, which will include multiple interviews with no topics off limits and no preset "ground rules."

Gibson will be spending much of Thursday and Friday with Palin, first at her son's 9/11 deployment ceremony in Fairbanks, Alaska, and at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Your assignment is to come up with bulletproof questions that will force the Alaska governor to either disclose with an actual answer of consequence, reveal ignorance, or expose a big whopper of a lie. We all know what it's like to watch MSM interviews with pols where you scream at the TV because the reporter doesn't ask an obvious, logical followup question. It's difficult to get an answer out of slippery pols, but Palin's got such a shady governing record in Alaska, and has social conservative views that have not been deeply probed, surely someone can as a question that is meaningful. I'd love to know whether she believes one can pray-away-the-gay and if a McCain/Palin admin will fund churches that engage in this sort of bogus treatment in a faith-based program. I'd also like to hear whether she still believes that states should charge sexually assaulted women to have rape kits performed to save taxpayers some scratch.

Also, does she agree with Tony Perkins that McCain should embrace her religious beliefs and govern according to them?

There are so many juicy questions that I know you can come up with.