PalMD objects on the grounds of reality to the "keep science in 'local' hands" theory of dealing with the wingnut antagonism for creationism in the schools:

With the "choice" of Governor Palin as the vice presidential candidate, the GOP must now face up to questions about the teaching of creation myths is public school science classes. The new talking point? "It's a local issue." Science is local?

We have video of the mendacity. Starting at 8:08 minutes in.


The "keep the definition of real science 'local'" really shows how the leadership of the Republican party thinks very little of the working and middle class people they try to appeal to with these culture war issues. What that means in practical terms is, "Please keep your own children away from basic education so that they can't get into the best universities and competing with our children, the children of the upper class, who of course had educations suitable for getting into college." It's hard work to limit people's options and limit their children's ability to do better by themselves without pissing those people off so they go vote for the other guys. This whole creationism debate means that people are limiting their own options, and the Republican party doesn't have to get their hands dirty. Hell, they can fuck you and your children over while posing as defenders of your right to control the local community.

I think we have a clear distinction between the parties on the philosophy of education right here. Barack Obama talked in his acceptance speech about increasing opportunities for education so that Americans can compete on a global scale. John McCain's surrogates are encouraging you to deny your children a basic education so they have desperate and therefore compliant and underpaid workers. Basic science education is just going to be more important in the future, if you want to access the best schools and the best jobs. From the Republican perspective, that's all the more reason to keep the rabble ignorant. You can't have a world where legacy admits to Yale like George W. Bush are being routinely upstaged by people who got their seats on the basis of merit, now can you?