It's good that we overprepared for Ike up here in Austin---better safe than sorry---but as I figured, we're not getting a drop yet. It's overcast and windy, but that's the extent of it. It missed us completely since it veered East to rain some terror on the woodier areas of the state. My stepsister's home in College Station got hit pretty bad, but that's all the personal connection I have to it. The people suffering major loss of property (let's hope not life) are in my thoughts. Hats off to the norbizness to opening his home to friends who had to evacuate.

I'm going to confess that I'm frustrated that 1/3 of Galveston ignored evacuation warnings. I understand that they're frustrated, because they fled Hurricane Rita a couple years ago, and it didn't amount to much. But weather is unpredictable. Just when you think it's going to be bad, it isn't and vice versa. It's better to waste your time evacuating and not have a disaster than to not evacuate and get hit. I blame the lack of science education. If people were more aware that there's just a top limit on how well a hurricane's path could be predicted, they would put more trust in meteorologists. They weren't wrong about Rita. All hurricane predictions have multiple variables.

That said, evacuating a city sounds like the a huge pain in the ass, so I see why people would want to avoid it. I was grouchy that Marc had to go to his office and unplug all his equipment and bring it home. But again, better safe than sorry.