Earlier today, I blogged about how, for the anti-choice voting block, abortion and contraception access are issues to hang an entire anti-feminist agenda on. And that you can't understand the anti-choice single issue voting phenomenon until you realize that it's not really a single issue that they're voting on, but that they're voting for a fantasy where women are returned to the home and the engine of American society runs on the backs of women, their subservience, and their unpaid labor.

And Hugo did me a big favor and found just such an anti-choicer making the very same argument:

Why is it that abortion is so prevalent and accepted in America today? What are the reasons that women “choose” to abort their babies rather than give birth to them and mother them? It wasn’t because one day a madness overtook the female sex and caused them to turn on their young. It was much more insidious and slow-moving than that. There are many moments we could point to in history, beginning with Eve’s emancipation by eating the forbidden fruit, for the genesis of the impulse to selfishly rid oneself of every encumbrance, including male headship and clinging children. But I think that the acceptance of abortion can trace its foundations more to Rosie the Riveter than to Roe v. Wade, which was only the culmination of independent roots that finally blossomed into wholesale slaughter of innocent children.

Of course, the same person is hostile to Governor Palin, but I don't think that's going to be a widespread sentiment. Even wingnuts understand that politics are mainly pragmatic. Seeing one woman do well for herself is acceptable, so long as she turns on all others and disempowers them. I have no idea what went on in the Palin house that led to the choice of Bristol Palin to keep her baby and get married, but the perception is going to be----especially for the people who share Palin's strident anti-choice beliefs---that the girl is being shoehorned into the male headship/clinging children lifestyle that all women should be shoehorned into. That's just going to register as evidence that Palin is willing to play ball in pushing other women around to earn her keep.

But I still think this entire situation is a grade A disaster for the McCain campaign. Only the crazy rabid base is going to see this in the plus column. The rest of the nation tends to view teenage pregnancy in a very negative light. Very negative.