imageWatching Hardball, Chris Matthews is doing a good job of tearing into the "lipstick on a pig" story...except that he then turns around, testifies to John McCain's utter awesomeness, and then asks why people are doing this on his behalf without his approval. K-Lo declares that Palin must surely despise her own campaign's whining about the nonexistent slight against her.

The question then becomes, if you support the McCain/Palin ticket, why in the world aren't McCain and Palin running the fucking thing? This isn't just some county organizer in a battleground state putting up a poster that the campaign doesn't like, these are nationally aired ads and surrogate talking points that the national campaign is distributing at its highest level. We're to understand that this Palin character has executive experience; McCain's had a persistent problem with the things that his campaign seemingly does in his name without his approval or even knowledge.

Why does this almost ridiculously successful governor come in to a campaign and let other people run things for her? Where's the take-charge gumption that got John McCain through what, after hours of extensive research, I found out was five and a half years - years! - of torture and incarceration? The Department of the Interior is already having veritable coke binges and orgies, will the McCain/Palin campaign finally realize the dream of having Yellowstone converted into the world's largest meth lab without their knowledge or consent? And how much will that gubmint meth go for, street value?

If McCain and Palin can't stand up to the people they hand-pick to sell their ideas to the American people, how are they going to run the entire federal bureaucracy, or conduct our foreign affairs? Will they just go on making stops talking about how amazing low taxes are as Kim Jong-Il passes out gay porn to our nation's schoolchildren? After all, Steve Schmidt and Karl Rove will still be around, making McCain and Palin do things against their will. John McCain could wake up one morning with a dead hooker in his bed and a new nonproliferation treaty with Pakistan, and he'd just shrug and eat his Mini-Wheats, having no idea what happened but really wondering if he should get a bedset with a higher thread count.