Marc and I have started a new video series for RH Reality Check, and I'm hoping all you bloggers out there who write about these issues can bookmark it and use it as a tool. The idea is to take on some controversial areas in reproductive rights and health---especially places where the right has mucked up the conversation---and providing some facts and standard rebuttals to right wing nonsense. There's 12 scheduled between now and December. I picked this one to be an early script because of the "pregnancy pact" myth in Gloucester, Massachusetts, which only got in the news because it was a battle over providing contraception to high school students. Little did I know that another famous pregnant teenager was going to be big in the news. This is the year of the pregnant teen for sure.

As you can imagine, I think it's better for teenage girls to get pill prescriptions if they want them than condemn them to unintended pregnancy.

RH Reality Check: Contraception Access For Youth from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

To get the embed code for that, just click the video and then click the "Embed" button on the right hand side. Or, if you prefer YouTube, we have the same videos there. i just prefer Vimeo's quality. And yes, if you click it, I'm in it. We just did the screenshot of our actress playing the wingnut for variety. Also, she's purty.

Later this week, I'll be highlighting the "when life begins" argument, the confusion over what emergency contraception actually does, and abstinence-only vs. comprehensive sex education. Please, link away, embed, have a ball with it. Send it to your relatives and friends who are confused. These videos are absolutely meant to be a primer in reproductive rights debates, a clearinghouse to be referred to whenever it comes up and you need a shorthand to talk to people about these things.

While I'm plugging myself, check out Tuesday's Dust-Up at the LA Times.