That's the question The Young Turks asked at the GOP convention, after awaiting for a batsh*t fundie to show up, and their wish was granted -- when apparent Hartline-wannabe Ryan Sorba showed up. His lot in life is to "expose the dark secrets of the homosexual political community." (Read past Blend post here.)

In this video he claims that Barack Obama is a "pro-sodomy activist," and that Obama will ruin the definition of marriage as "total sexual community." (?!) He then goes into the "born gay hoax" nonsense, and says that most gays have "deep seated emotional problems." He also informs us that there were no people with a "gay identity" until after 1862.

Ryan Sorba also spends a great deal of time talking about dogs humping legs under a table and the fact that dogs don't bark with a lisp.

Boy, the Young Turks hit pay dirt with this young man.

H/t, Adam K.