Palin can run for Vice-President being a mother of a newborn and the mother of a pregnant daughter. If my mom can take care of both of her parents, a child, hold a job that requires an hour commute each way, pay off her student loans and do so after my father abandoned us, Sarah Palin can fly around the country and talk about cutting taxes and opposing but not opposing the Bridge to Nowhere.

lt's not the being a mom that makes Sarah Palin's candidacy worrisome, it's pretty much every single other thing she's done in her professional life since she started having children. My mother managed to raise me without joining a secessionist party or asking for millions in federal earmarks while simultaneously declaring herself an enemy of the selfsame pork process...not that the temptation wasn't there, of course. But it is insulting to wonder about her ability to handle both jobs to the millions of mothers nationwide who actually have to not only deal with the pressures of motherhood, but a whole series of other burdens that Palin, with her relative financial security, health, husband and overall support structure, doesn't have to even think about.