The University of Oklahoma has housed conservative professor David Deming for several years, most of which I'm sure have been spent regretting the hire.

Having spent many of his formative years blasting women for wanting equal opportunities, denying global warming, finding an embedded individual right to bear arms in the Constitution despite not being a sociologist, a climatologist or a lawyer, Deming has moved on to the thing that he's good at: being a total asshole sans the pretense.

There are many reasons to dislike Deming's paint-by-numbers rant, from the reflexive Palin love to the rehashing of talking points that were stale in April, but it's where he seeks to innovate that he succeeds in his pursuit for the ultimate fail. And it's all in one line:

When Obama refers to “my Muslim faith,” the verbal gaffe resonates as a Freudian slip because of Obama’s thinly veiled hatred for this country’s unique culture and institutions.

There's a lot in this one sentence. First, the reference to "my Muslim faith" was a non-gaffe gaffe - he was referring to the concept that others think he's a Muslim, not revealing why all of his suits are mysteriously threadbare at the knees and how come he steadfastly avoided the pork booth at the Iowa State Fair. But non-everything Deming is also apparently a non-theologian, because he really, really seems to be insinuating that Islam is constituted primarily of a hatred of America. The secret to all of this is, of course, let out of the bag by Mr. Spoiler himself, Confederate Yankee:

Barack Obama isn't anti-American, but he is un-American. Our cultural memory and experiences are something he read about in books, but never lived, and something he cannot feel.

He is not one of us.

All of which boils down to: this nigger's black! Odd that a guy who admires the Confederacy would so easily traffic in racism...

What both of these men are doing is defining the American experience as something specifically white and Christian, which is, of course, their prerogative, but is also, of course, some fucked up shit. At this point, it's almost tiring to keep pointing it out - the gated subdivision that is these people's worldview only allows for the authenticity of people who look like them (or, more preferably, the idealized versions of them with the six-pack and the hotter wife), to the point where anyone who doesn't is reflexively and pathetically "othered" into some rancid, race-driven oblivion. They haven't just attacked Barack Obama's past - they've fundamentally stripped him and millions of other Americans of it entirely, and replaced it with a binding determination that they're incapable of being American, or patriotic, or even, really, human.

White people, you need to answer for this. And Josh Groban, while you're at it. That guy is worse than racism.