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Moore: Obama running against ignorance, racism
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CNN’s Larry King talked with Michael Moore about the presidential election.

King played a clip of John McCain taking the microphone from a supporter who thought Obama was an Arab. Moore responded that Barack Obama’s main opponent was not John McCain.

Partial transcript

MOORE: I didn’t like — well, I know his conscience was trying to handle it well, because I think at John McCain’s core, you know, he’s not a racist. He doesn’t believe this sort of thing. And he just chose the dark road to go down.

But to say that no ma’am, he’s not an Arab, he’s decent, that was what Powell was saying. It’s like wait a minute, that’s — you’ve said the wrong thing again. It’s not — one isn’t exclusive of the other.

It — you know, when I saw that, I thought to myself you know what, Obama’s main opponent in this election on November 4th is not John McCain, it’s ignorance. It’s Obama versus ignorance.

And will ignorance and hatred and racism win or will whoever should be the next president, who the majority of the people want to be the president?

Is that what’s going to happen?

I mean I just — I really think that he’s — everything that we have to deal with, it seems that we’re dealing with in the last few weeks.

Instead of talking about the greatest robbery of all time on Wall Street by the top 5 percent of this country, we’re now — we’re still talking about the ignorance and stupidity of some people and how that’s going to guide their vote.

KING: Right.

MOORE: And so…

KING: Well said.

MOORE: And so I’m going to believe — yes, I’m going to believe that people are going to go into the polls — and I believe that many people will vote for John McCain and it’s because they’re ignorant, it’s because they really believe in what McCain believes in.

But if a certain number of millions of people are going to vote out of ignorance…

KING: Let me…

MOORE: …I hope that they would educate themselves sometime in the next 11 days.

CNN has the complete transcript here.

This video is from CNN’s Larry King Live, broadcast October 23, 2008.

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