Sen. Saxby Chambliss told Fox's Chris Wallace that he would "win again" in Georgia's runoff election. Chambliss appeared on Fox News Sunday.

"If voters turnout in the same ratios and same numbers we'll win again," Chambliss said.

Projections suggest that black voters will only make up 23 percent of the vote in Tuesday's runoff election. African American voters made up about 35 percent of the vote in the Nov. 4th general election. The high black turnout was credited with making Chambliss' opponent, Jim Martin, competitive on Nov. 4th.

Chambliss doesn't concede the black vote. "There were an awful lot of African Americans that voted for me," he said. "I've reached out to the African American turnout and I continue to do that."

This video is from Fox's Fox News Sunday, broadcast Nov. 30, 2008.

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