WASHINGTON (AFP) – President-elect Barack Obama vowed to pull troops out of Iraq, crush Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and shut down the Guantanamo Bay camp as part of a dramatic foreign policy break with George W. Bush.

In his first major post-election interview, with CBS program "60 Minutes," the Democrat signaled no retreat from expansive campaign promises that have pleased US allies, even while adding little detail to how he will fulfill them.

Repairing the stricken US economy will be priority number one, and at least one Republican will fill his cabinet, Obama said in the broad-ranging interview taped Friday and broadcast Sunday.

Following his election triumph of November 4, Obama confirmed that he had met former Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton last week but refused to comment on speculation linking her to the job of secretary of state.

CBS has a full transcript of their interview with Obama here.

This video is from CBS' 60 Minutes, broadcast Nov. 16, 2008.