NEW YORK (AFP) - Republican John McCain showed his funny side with an appearance on a US television comedy show on Saturday, less than three days from historic presidential election.

McCain, who had spent a gruelling day on the campaign trail in Virginia and Pennsylvania, introduced NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in a sketch alongside comedienne Tina Fey, once again impersonating running mate Sarah Palin.

McCain appeared as the presenter of QVC television shopping channel, saying it was the only station he could afford airtime, in contrast to rival Barack Obama's multi-million dollar "informercial" which aired this week.

"The final days are the most essential," McCain said of the election campaign. "This past Wednesday Barack Obama purchased airtime on three major networks. We however can only afford QVC," he said. "Tonight we come before you to give you some final remarks on our campaign."

Fey, impersonating Palin, played off media reports that she was going "rouge" and offered up a "Palin 2012" t-shirt.

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This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast November 1, 2008.

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