Fox's Chris Wallace asked McCain campaign manager Rick Davis about possible voter suppression by the Republicans. Instead addressing voter suppression, Davis chose to attack ACORN and other liberal organizations.

"What's happened is a bunch of liberal activist groups like ACORN and others, you mentioned Common Cause, have taken it upon themselves to try and frame this election as anything but honest. In fact, if there's anything to look at, it's the manipulation of these voter rolls before the election that's caused so many problems. We're not going to stand for it," said David

Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, didn't hesitate in addressing possible voter suppression.

"What we're seeing is in Indiana, you know, our opposition tried to limit the number of early vote sites. When the Governor of Florida made a terrific decision to extend early votes, you saw grumbling from our opponents down in Florida. So our argument on this is simple. We want it to be as easy as possible for people to vote. They need to do so legally. What you're going to see on tuesday is just a great turnout. We're obviously going to monitor all the precincts and battleground states to make sure none of the normal suppression activities are effective," said Plouffe

This video is from Fox's Fox News Sunday, broadcast November 2, 2008.

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