Salon Editor in Chief Joan Walsh faced of against British author Christopher Hitchens over Barack Obama's nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Hitchens argued that Obama has chosen Clinton for political reasons and that Clinton is not qualified to be Secretary of State. "This woman doesn't have foreign policy experience and the experience she has claimed -- such as in Bosnia -- was fabricated and fake," he said.

Walsh countered that Clinton's selection wasn't about domestic politics. "I genuinely think if [Obama's] got an eye toward politics, it's global politics. He wants the strength of the Clinton name, the Clinton brand," said Walsh.

"She's always thinking first about herself, second about her husband," said Hitchens.

"I prefer barack obama's opinion. His opinion matters," quipped Walsh.

Chris Matthews asked Hitchens if Bill Clinton could be used to help negotiate peace in world hot spots like the dispute between Pakistan and India.

Hitchens responded, "Someone who's main clientele is the Saudi royal family of Saudi Arabia who have paid for the people who just blew up Bombay, I don't think would be an idea mediation. No. But that's just my opinion, as Mrs. Walsh would say."

Walsh seemed to take offense. "Christopher, you can call me Joan. I've had dinner at your house. That seems condescending to call me Joan."

"If I had said 'Joan' you would have said I was being condescending," replied Hitchens.

"Hardly. Not at all. We've had drinks together," replied Walsh.

This video is from MSNBC's Hardball, broadcast Dec. 1, 2008.

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