I guess we're all "aberrant-sex activists," so here's a little weekend entertainment. Peter LaBarbera and I go way back. I've already earned the titles of "vicious anti-Christian lesbian activist" and "nutty lesbian blogger" from the the Illinois-based head of the curiously obsessive Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality, so this is just another endorsement to add to my blog's left sidebar. He instructs his readers to "check out the hate-filled comments and vile anti-Christian insults that flow liberally on lesbian Pam Spaulding's blog." Don't you think he'd want them to steer clear?

Anyway, the prince of gay bathhouse investigations (and fetish event exposes) and best buddy of Bam Bam "progressives = child sacrificers" Barber was a little late out of the gate on the Rick Warren dustup, but this entry was worth the wait. He and Matt must be smoking/snorting/imbibing strong stuff these days as their fourth-tier organizations scramble to do their end-of-year pickpocketing of wallets of elderly garden-variety "Christians" and brainwashed re-closeted homosexuals.

Tyrants of Tolerance Go After Obama for Inaugural Choice Rick Warren
Aberrant-sex activists demonize affable mega-church pastor as “homophobe” because he supported Prop 8
By blasting Obama for choosing Rick Warren as an Inaugural speaker — and demonizing Warren as a “homophobe”because he supported Prop 8 — homosexual activists are showing the world just how empty their “tolerance” ideology really is. ...
Here’s an outstanding release from Pastor Bryan Fischer with the Idaho Values Alliance, an affiliate of American Family Association. Poor Barack Obama: he’s promised the world to one of the most demanding and unreasonable special interest movements on the planet. Imagine blasting the gregarious Warren as a “homophobe” because he supported Prop 8 in California. (Note the incredibly elastic, ever-expanding definition of homophobia.) Our favorite lesbian blog-stremist Pam Spaulding chastises Warren for his “sad bigotry” HERE and hits Warren for“bigotry, small-mindedness and downright ignorance” (Pam and friends know a thing or two about small-mindedness). 

Also - Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen gets The Peeping Peter hot under the collar as well. Take a look at Peter's tribute

Professional Homosexual Agitator Wayne Besen of the comically named “Truth Wins Out” specializes insmearing Christian groups like AFTAH and ex-homosexual leaders like Greg Quinlan

...Porno Pete?
As veteran AFTAH readers know, one of the favorite, ongoing “queer” lies against me is that I am a secret homosexual or, worse, a covert aficionado of (unspeakably evil and revolting) homosexual S&M and pornography. Hence the nasty slam against me concocted by homosexual spinmeister Wayne Besen“Porno Pete.” (I suppose if you use the logic of ‘Wayne’s World,’ someone who exposes abortionists secretly yearns to slaughter innocents in the womb — and Wayne himself, who monitors and exposes allegedly fraudulent “ex-gays” through his comically named Truth Wins Out — is a closeted fundamentalist Christian who TiVos every episode of “The 700 Club” while pretending to fight for Queer Liberation.)
Yep, aside from the murderous Islamic jihadists, it seems nobody hates (or lies) like the Left, and nobody on the Left hates like the homosexual militants. If you doubt me on this, take a detour into Loony Liberal Land for a few minutes and read the comments responding to one of Besen’s attacks on me and Americans For Truth